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iPad 6th Generation Wi-Fi & Cellular
BD 0.000  VAT N/A

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Out of Stock
Device Installments:

Package Length:

24 Months

  Superfast 500 Mbps (1.5 TB) Superfast 30 Mbps (300 GB)

Package price

Monthly: BD 157.500

Down Payment: BD 5.250

Package price

Monthly: BD 21.000

Down Payment: BD 5.250
Package Summary

Contracted 24 Months Superfast 500Mbps (1.5 TB) Package

Contracted 24 Months Superfast 30Mbps (300 GB) Package

Specifications Threshold 1.5 TB

Upload Speed 50 Mbps

Weekend Internet

Unlimited YouTube

Package Speed 500 Mbps

Throttling Speed 50Mb

Threshold 300 GB Unlimited

Package Speed 30 Mbps

Upload Speed 5 Mbps

Throttling Speed 2Mb


iPad Pro

It’s familiar to use but makes for an entirely new experience.

iPad runs iPadOS, which is full of features designed specifically for iPad. But it’s also built on the same foundation as iOS, so it shares many of the same great apps and features. And just like your iPhone, using iPad is just as simple as tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom.

iPad works with a keyboard when you need one.

The onscreen keyboard lets you respond to an email or write a paper, and it even acts as a trackpad. And if you want a physical keyboard, just attach the Smart Keyboard for a great typing experience that also doubles as a cover or easily pair a Bluetooth keyboard.

All your files in one central location.

With the Files app, you can access and manage what’s on iCloud Drive, on third‑party cloud services such as Box and Dropbox, and on your iPad.

More screen. Less device.

The new iPad Pro features an all‑new, all‑screen design.But it’s not just any screen, it’s the most advanced display on the planet. And with less volume and more screen than ever, there’s more room to create, work, and watch

The new Liquid Retina display.

The Liquid Retina display features industry‑leading color accuracy, so you see true‑to‑life color from one rounded corner to the other. Using a process called subpixel anti-aliasing, we rounded the corners by tuning individual pixels for smooth, distortion‑free edges. True Tone dynamically adjusts white balance so images on the display look natural and are easier on your eyes. And thanks to the lowest reflectivity in the industry, the display is clear and readable wherever you take your iPad Pro.